How natural and neutral will blend – creating a totally refreshed future

How natural and neutral will blend – creating a totally refreshed future

Trending forward, we see development of gender-neutral beauty products and fresh scents for a spirited neutral world.

The march toward gender-neutral beauty products is being spearheaded by Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Y, for whom skin care and fragrance is about choice and not about gender. Match this philosophy with the natural/organic movement and demand for products with healthier ingredients (ie, “clean labels”), and we are in for an exciting and highly creative time in the F&F industry.

We’re seeing an influx of genderless beauty and fragrance products because today’s consumers have grown beyond the old narrative that uses stereotypical gender cues to attract the opposite sex with scent. People want to choose the scent they feel like wearing. They don’t want a brand “telling” them what they should wear based on their gender, and they may not agree with that brand’s interpretation of gender. These consumers want non-binary scents that speak to everyone.

Consumers are becoming more independent, meaning that they enjoy co-creating product experience with the brand, rather than just being a passive consumer. The brand must communicate both freshness and sensuality. These tonalities are not always paired together and must be both open and provocative. This poses a challenge for the industry – one that will surely be met with great enthusiasm and game-changing innovation.

The F&F industry has always been a “experiential” leader and, much like the fashion industry, focused on exploration and energizing tradition in new directions. Designers who had mastered the introduction of unisex products are now bringing those products into the mainstream, stretching beyond fragrance to a range of beauty products. Redefining beauty in genderless terms broadens the potential appeal to more consumers, which builds brand opportunities.

Here are just a few new designer brands that are taking the leap and leading the charge toward change:


  • Chanel’s Les Eaux des Chanel
  • LVMH and its line of fragrances that prioritize experiential fantasy over gender-specific fragrance notes
  • Byredo: Slow Dance
  • Ariana Grande is breaking gender boundaries with the launch of Cloud Eau de Parfum.
  • TomBoyX
  • Gucci’s Memoir d’une Odeur
  • Malin + Goetz Leather Eau du Parfum
  • Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette Spray

The following statistics to support this change:

  • According to market analysis company Mintel, gender-neutral or unisex fragrance launches accounted for 17% of the market in 2010; by 2018, that figure had tripled to 51%, and non-conformist ideas about gender were at the heart of some of 2019’s biggest new-fragrance launches.
  • According to a 2019 Pew surveyof 10,000 Americans, about 59% of Gen Z’ers (persons born in 1997 and thereafter) say forms that ask about a person’s gender should include options besides “male” and “female,” compared with 50% of Millennials (ages 22 to 37 in 2018) and 37 percent of baby boomers (ages 54 to 72 in 2018).


Makeup, skin care and fashion trends
Need more proof that gender-neutral is in? Consider these marketplace developments:

  • James Charles became CoverGirl’s first male model in 2016, and soon after graced the cover of a European edition of Vogue. Katy Perry, a CoverGirl brand ambassador, said she was “honored” to have Charles on board.
  • Makeup and skin care brands popular with Gen Z’ers, such as Milk Makeup, Glossier and Fenty Beauty, feature diverse casts in advertisements and on social media.
  • The Ordinary brand serums, creams and acids come in simple, clinical-looking packaging with an intentional unisex appeal.
  • Ursa Major, a skin-care brand co-founded by Oliver Sweatman and Emily Doyle, also has gone all in on genderless products. Facial, hair and body products containing natural ingredients are sold in eco-friendly packaging featuring blue, green and white mountain outlines, and its website pictures rugged, parka-clad women hiking through snow-covered mountain ranges.
  • Victoria’s Secret in August 2019 hired Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio, the company’s first openly transgender model.
  • Fast-fashion leader H&M sells a gender-neutral collection of clothing, shoes and accessories for children and adults.
  • Abercrombie Kids in 2018 introduced a gender-neutral line of children’s clothing.

At Artiste, our response to change is to get in front of our customers’ needs. Whether we’re helping our customers meet natural or organic ingredient needs, navigate shifting regulatory requirements or replace key ingredients to meet clean-label demands, we search the world for the resources to help customers satisfy their formulation and application details. We have worked more than 40 years in this industry, and each year has brought exciting challenges and new paths leading to stimulating, creative products. We are ready to tackle the challenges 2021 will bring.



Peaches are known for their beautiful, sweet flavor, and their health benefits are many. But don’t wait to enjoy them: The fresher and riper the peach, the more antioxidants it contains.

Peaches are thought to have originated in China more than 8,000 years ago, and cultivation later spread westward through Asia and into the Mediterranean region. The Spanish explorers brought peaches to the New World, and cultivation began circa 1600 in what is now Mexico. Peaches today are grown in warmer climates throughout both hemispheres.

Each little peach packs a world of nutrients, including magnesium, phosphorus, iron, antioxidants and vitamins. Peaches help promote healing, aid digestion, reduce allergy symptoms, improve eyesight and protect your body against aging and disease.

Use of peaches is steadily on the rise among master chefs, pastry chefs and mixologists. Craft ales, fizzy cocktails and sweet summer treats are just a few of the wonderfully peach-infused creations that abound. Peaches are also becoming commonplace in beauty and health and wellness products.

Artiste offers quality peach flavors and extracts from around the globe for use in culinary creations, craft spirits, confections and beauty products. Each variety is uniquely special for any product application. Interested in knowing more? Need to know, ask Joe!

2021 Will Change The World

2021 Will Change The World

2021 will change our world for the better.

2020 triggered desire for healthier, more sustainable products. 2021 will deliver on those needs.

Most would agree that 2020 was an unprecedented year for the world. Today, however, we want to take a moment to acknowledge and identify some of the positive impact we see for our industry that ultimately will offer great benefits to our lives.

We know that the post-COVID consumer will be forever changed, and those anticipated changes will drive the ingredient, flavor and fragrance industry forward in new and important ways.

Consumer attitudes, behaviors and priorities have shifted, so purpose and progress towards improved life choices will take a new path. Consumers will be more cautious about what they consider good for their bodies and for sustaining health. They will dig deeper and search wider to find healthier choices for themselves and their families. Their desire to buy from companies who support the concepts that are important to them will influence many of their decisions. Those concepts also will include foods that promote longevity, foods and beverages with healthier ingredients, foods with clean labels, and the elimination of any ingredients we do not need.

Consumers get it and developers can deliver it. Beyond that, we need the experience to match the level of need and interest. With 40 years of experience in this industry, I have no doubt that the ingredient, flavor and fragrance industry will rise above the obstacles 2020 presented and bring the world to a new, safe place through wonderful and substantive innovation.

We are seeing a rapid increase in sampling of natural, organic and wellness ingredients from around the world. It’s intriguing how exploration in applications has taken on new value and is giving our talented flavorists, perfumers, chemists, biochemists and R&D teams an opportunity to step beyond with new creations that will trigger the next generation of multi-dimensional, engaging, experiential, high-performing products.

At Artiste, we are ready to welcome 2021 to the threshold of positive change with the anticipation of a healthier year ahead.


Blood Orange

Blood Orange

The blood orange is one of the brightest stars of the citrus family, with a seductive hue and intriguing scent. Thanks to their always surprising color variety, blood oranges can appear as red as cherries, as blue as blueberries, or as purple as aubergines.

Blood oranges originated in Sicily and Spain, with varieties that include tarocco, moro and sanguinello, each with its own distinguishing note.

Often misunderstood, blood oranges are more complex than other fruits in the citrus family, with a slightly more bitter bite but with much less acidity. They pack many health benefits including high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, iron, calcium, fiber, antioxidants and folic acid. Blood oranges improve metabolic functions, help repair tissue, and promote healthier gums and wound healing.

Blood Oranges are used in many foods and beverages including juices, cocktails and mixers, salads, sauces, sorbets, granitas, compotes, confections, spirits, marmalades and alternative health products. For sophisticated palates, blood orange olive oil and blood orange balsamic vinaigrettes are rising in popularity.

Artiste offers a full range of blood orange products, including Blood Orange Oil cp, Blood Orange Essence, and distilled (furocoumarin-free) Blood Orange Oil Molecular. All are 100% natural. Blood Orange Oil is also available in an organic version. Interested in knowing more? Need to know, ask Joe!


What is the value of simplicity in business?

What is the value of simplicity in business?

At Artiste, simplicity is the first of four core principles upon which we continue to build our business.

From our perspective, simplicity is key to maximizing success for our customers and minimizing the time it takes to help them reach their ingredient goals. There is a power in simplicity that is integral to getting projects done efficiently. By managing with simplicity in mind, we expend time and energy only on the efforts that will bring the best results for our customers.

When a work team focuses on simplicity, the work becomes easier to understand, the goals become more recognizable, the plan becomes easier to implement, and the brand lends itself more readily to expansion.

When simplicity is part of your operation, you can enjoy your professional journey even when unexpected outside challenges make your task more complex. In the ingredient industry, there are always outside forces that change timing and alter expectations. At Artiste, we maintain simplicity in every aspect of our work, so we can confidently affirm the best results for our customers, no matter what is happening in the world. Simplicity keeps us fluid and connected to our purpose and enables us to make every customer request attainable.

Simplicity is key to building a successful business in today’s world, and it continues to be an important core principle for Artiste that influences everything we do. The time afforded as a result of our commitment to simplicity is devoted to bringing our customers new ingredient resources from around the world – and anticipating what our clients will need next.

What is the value of reliability in business?

What is the value of reliability in business?

At Artiste, reliability is the third of four core principles upon which we continue to build our business.

We know customers truly value our reliability. And we believe that as a reliable company, we get opportunities that typically go to much larger companies. Customers in the ingredient industry know they can trust Artiste, and given Joe Raimondo’s 40-plus years in the industry, they know they can trust him to deliver.

Managing commitments is at the very basis of our business practice. We focus on our customers’ timelines; their deadlines become ours, and we never take our promises lightly. We make promises we know we can keep and our customers know that about Artiste. We always finish what we start, and that is the best way to build reliability with customers. We are strong starters and even stronger finishers.

Other critical pieces of the reliability picture at Artiste include:

  • Communication, the platform upon which reliability must stand.
  • Honesty, a value that is essential to building great business relationships. We are honest with both our customers and ourselves. Being true to our values helps us stay on point, and this proves to our customers that we can be trusted.
  • Commitment to excellence. We never compromise the quality of the work we do, and that means more than just backing up what we say and following through. We don’t cut corners; we do everything in the best way to satisfy our customers’ needs.

You will experience consistent value at every touch point when working with Artiste.

What is the value of a ‘personal touch’ in business?

What is the value of a ‘personal touch’ in business?

In troubled times such as now, the assurance and affirmation of a personal touch has never been more important.

For Artiste, “personal touch” is not just a cutesy buzz phrase; it defines our commitment to showing customers that we truly care about their success. We personalize every promise we make to our customers, along with every prediction of how that fulfilled promise will contribute to their success. From retaining and building global resource partnerships to engendering loyalty in our customers, we leave a personal touch on every aspect of our business.

Authenticity is key to this concept. Our commitment to authenticity is the reason our customers tell us they feel comfortable doing business with us. Our customers don’t just hope that we’ll deliver on every promise we make – they know we will.

Building and maintaining relationships remains as important as ever. Technology has taken over so many of our business exchanges, and the ongoing pandemic has halted the real-time and in-person meetings we grew accustomed to having with our customers. Even so, we have found ways to stay in touch with and in front of our customers, and we still have those honest exchanges that are necessary to build and retain their confidence in us.

Our connections behind the scenes are equally important. We have relationships the world over – with factories, farmers, chemists, PHDs and innovators – and we’ve been using technology to reach across the miles to build connections that continue to grow. These relationships benefit our customers by getting them the ingredients they need and want. Many companies were forced to learn and adopt these practices to adjust to unprecedented times. We, however, have been employing these practices in earnest for years to stay in touch with our partners and to bring them closer and more in tune with our customers’ goals and needs.



There’s nothing better than the sweet smell of cinnamon on a crisp, autumn morning!

This signature fall and holiday spice can be found in almost every kitchen and is as versatile as it is good for you. Cinnamon is one of those signature scents that spurs many fond memories all over the world.

Not all cinnamon is created equal. Ceylon and cassia are the two most common varieties of cinnamon. Native to Sri Lanka and Madagascar, the intoxicating cinnamon scent from fresh baked cinnamon rolls or bread typically belongs to the cassia variety. Ceylon sticks, “true cinnamon,” often used for flavoring a comforting mug of warmed cider, are made from the inner layers of cinnamon bark. Creating a warm, round and beautiful flavor profile and soothing aroma.


Cinnamon’s use is steadily on the rise. A touch of this amazing spice goes a long way in sweet confections, home fragrance, crunchy snacks, holiday drinks, craft beers and even in beauty products. Loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and endless medicinal values, adding cinnamon into your product formulation is a sure-win year-round.

Keep your eyes peeled for more and more cinnamon flavors, essences and infusions in all food, beverage and wellness categories. For more information or samples of our cinnamon products or any of our other specialty ingredients, please contact Joe Raimondo at info@artiste.us.com or 201-447-1311.

What is the value of flexibility in business?

What is the value of flexibility in business?

At Artiste, flexibility is the second of four core principles upon which we continue to build our business. To us, “flexibility” is a mission-critical attribute that allows us to cut through layers of complexity and find ways to help our customers reach their goals.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, remaining flexible in everything we do for our customers has never been more important. We’re prepared to adapt to customers’ needs, anticipating where possible any worldwide sourcing challenges before they come our way. “Flexibility” means being ready for whatever happens in the market and turning it into opportunity by immediately adjusting to the new paradigm.
Being flexible enables us to accommodate our customers’ needs, even in the most unexpected scenarios. In business, it takes integrity and a high regard for our customers’ value to understand the need for flexibility. At Artiste, we pride ourselves on being the best partner we can be to all who work with us.


Clean Labels are here to stay.

Clean Labels are here to stay.

Food shoppers are increasingly choosing items made with a short list of wholesome ingredients – i.e., foods with a “clean label.” While clean labels were originally segmented to premium products, the trend has become more widespread thanks to numerous factors, including:

  • the ongoing pandemic, which overall has made people more health-conscious,
  • the public’s growing desire to stay strong and live longer by eating healthier, and
  • high-profile millennials who are living healthy and influencing others to do so.

So, while all new product development begins with a clear understanding of which ingredients will conform to clean-label expectations and regulations, many categories of existing consumer products are reformulating to reach “clean” status and appeal.

Clean label expectations are reaching around the globe and growing rapidly in the US market. The list of “ingredients to avoid” now stretches from GMOs, to pesticides and carcinogens, to allergens and hormones, to synthetic and artificial coloring and more.

Like the healthy ingredient movement, the clean label march will provide much innovation and reformulation, as well as ongoing consumer education.

And as we move from ingredient inclusions to meet clean label demands, millennials and Gen-Xers are also imposing strong opinions regarding sustainability, use of natural and organic over artificial or man-made ingredients, sustainability and animal treatment practices, corporate responsibility for energy conservation, and overall quality of a food manufacturer’s culture.

Sweeping change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes one or two generations to turn the world around to see a bright light of opportunity to reinvent and recreate a next generation of healthier, cleaner, earth-friendly foods and beverages that are both enjoyable and promote better health.