Morocco is where coriander originated, yet its power quickly gained popularity throughout the Mediterranean world. In Ancient Greece, coriander’s name derived from the pungent odor released when leaves get crushed. While ancient Egyptians used coriander seeds for romantic purposes, the Greeks and Romans flavored wine with these seeds. Coriander arrived in India and quickly became essential for flavoring food.

In the culinary world, coriander is everywhere. The lemon-like flavor in the leaves perfectly complements carne asada and other boldly flavored meat dishes. Coriander leaves – also known as cilantro – are a bright accent for tacos as well. Nearly every Indian curry counts coriander as essential. The bright flavor perfectly accents the fresh burst of ginger and other spices. Throughout the world, coriander seeds and leaves add depth of flavor to all dishes.

In health, coriander’s anti-inflammatory properties heal all parts of the body, including the brain. Coriander stabilizes moods through the reduction of inflammation. It also helps the brain fight off inflammation related to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Coriander releases salt from the bloodstream to fight high blood pressure and reducing inflammation keeps the heart healthy.  People with upset stomachs also benefit from coriander. It reduces gas and bloating, along with eliminating free radicals from the digestive tract.

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