Peaches are known for their beautiful, sweet flavor, and their health benefits are many. But don’t wait to enjoy them: The fresher and riper the peach, the more antioxidants it contains.

Peaches are thought to have originated in China more than 8,000 years ago, and cultivation later spread westward through Asia and into the Mediterranean region. The Spanish explorers brought peaches to the New World, and cultivation began circa 1600 in what is now Mexico. Peaches today are grown in warmer climates throughout both hemispheres.

Each little peach packs a world of nutrients, including magnesium, phosphorus, iron, antioxidants and vitamins. Peaches help promote healing, aid digestion, reduce allergy symptoms, improve eyesight and protect your body against aging and disease.

Use of peaches is steadily on the rise among master chefs, pastry chefs and mixologists. Craft ales, fizzy cocktails and sweet summer treats are just a few of the wonderfully peach-infused creations that abound. Peaches are also becoming commonplace in beauty and health and wellness products.

Artiste offers quality peach flavors and extracts from around the globe for use in culinary creations, craft spirits, confections and beauty products. Each variety is uniquely special for any product application. Interested in knowing more? Need to know, ask Joe!

Accent On – Basil

Accent On – Basil

A dynamic kitchen herb and staple found in most at-home gardens, basil is a warm-weather, fragrant herb most commonly found in Italian dishes.

Fresh basil’s signature peppery flavor aromatically intensifies when used in a heated dish. Basil takes its place as a culinary favorite when a fragrant dash is added to foods and beverages.

Genovese, Thai, sweet, and lemon basil are just a few cultivars of the popular herb, and each has its own unique flavor profile for use in an endless number of spirits, salads, spreads, condiments, craft beers, savory sauces and teas.

Basil is brimming with valuable vitamins, nutrients and minerals, including vitamin K, A and C, copper manganese, folate and iron. These all contribute to the herb’s amazing ability to promote overall health, clear skin blemishes, support eye health and more. It’s no wonder that basil has been branded the “King of Herbs,” living up to its eponymous title, “king.”

Artiste offers a variety of basil products—including many that are natural—from around the globe for use in culinary and beauty products. Each variety is uniquely special for any diverse product application. For more information on our basil products or any of our other specialty ingredients, please contact Joe Raimondo at info@artiste.us.com or 201-447-1311.

From the Orchard – Elderflower

From the Orchard – Elderflower

Prized as the perfect complement to a bubbly cocktail or as a mixologist’s delight, elderflower’s power is blooming, even in the off-picking season.

Elderflower, often called the “most valuable petal,” is known for its petite, white starry shape and distinctive flavor. It’s floral and fragrant, yet subtle and heady. Elderflower is quickly becoming the secret weapon for master chefs, mixologists, pastry chefs and flavorists.

The floral influences and inspirations derived from the elderflower are just getting started. Its use in cordials, desserts, teas, beverages and wellness powders is trending. Luckily for consumers, there is no limit to culinary possibilities for this fresh flower. Whether it is the star ingredient in an evening cocktail or mixed with a spoonful of honey, elderflower is blossoming into every aspect of the food and beverage industries.

Keep your eyes peeled for more and more elderflower extracts, essences and infusions in all food, beverage and wellness categories. Elderflower is that mysterious note that developers will be dreaming of and using all year long. For more information on our elderflower products or any of our other specialty ingredients, please contact Joe Raimondo at info@artiste.us.com or 201-447-1311.