The fluffy white flowers on the bushy evergreen white macromeria shrub are commonly known as Taurus Mint. This plant grows throughout the Eastern Mediterranean; it’s common in the Israeli and Arab world to use Taurus Mint for perfumes, health benefits, and different cooking recipes.

White macromeria is also known as Taurus Mint because the flower and leaves have a mint scent without the overwhelming nature of menthol. Taurus Mint stands in mint in many dishes; for example, an Israeli salad or a roasted fish using Taurus Mint is less overpowering if used in place of traditional mint. However, the most common applications are in tea and soup. Taurus Mint tea is renowned for its therapeutic properties.

Taurus Mint is revered in the Middle East for its ability to help people heal. This traditional remedy helps heal eye infections, heart problems, wound care, and even high cholesterol. Since traveling is a significant part of traditional Middle Eastern lifestyles, Taurus Mint tea has always been a key greeting for weary travelers. It soothed their aches and pains from their journeys. 

The fragrance world also takes advantage of the subtle power of Taurus Mint. The flower and leaf are distilled into oil, and it’s combined with other complementary scents. Many lotions and balms from the Middle East contain Taurus Mint. 

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