For many people, the Laurel Leaf is better known as the bay leaf. The reason for the alternate name is Laurel Leaf is actually the name of nearly 300 different species of leaves used for the same purpose. As one of the world’s most cultivated herbs, it’s impossible to find a spice cabinet without Laurel Leaf occupying a prominent position. In fact, ancient Greek and Roman cultures used Laurel Leaf to honor victors in sport and combat.

The culinary world relies on Laurel Leaf’s bitter, sharp taste to impart flavor into slow-cook meals. Stews, braises, and other meat dishes relying on the low/slow combination extract flavor from Laurel Leaf. Mediterranean dishes including pasta fagioli and zuppa di pesce use the Laurel Leaf to balance the bright acidity of citrus ingredients. Hearty dishes like beef bourguignon use Laurel Leaf to deepen flavor and counter the sweetness released by the vegetables.

The perfume industry values Laurel Leaf for its herbal notes. This fragrance adds complexity to many perfumes because it allows the sweet notes to play off it’s Earthy nature. Jo Malone London is a perfume known to make use of Laurel Leaf.

The ancient Greeks and Romans valued Laurel Leaf’s anti-inflammatory properties. Laurel Leaf is an anti-inflammatory. People suffering from arthritis, gout, and muscle soreness turn to Laurel Leaf because it neutralizes the causes of inflammation. Additionally, Laurel Leaf helps the brain. Many people report better cognitive function including an increase in memory thanks to Laurel Leaf. This herb truly does it all.

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