Very few ingredients have the backstory of Fennel. In Greek mythology, Prometheus steals the fire ember and hides it in a hollowed-out stalk of Fennel. The town of Funchal on the Portuguese island of Madeira is a derivation of the Portuguese word for Fennel, funcho. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem The Goblet of Life told of Fennel being the cure for poor eyesight. While the myths about Fennel are exciting, the reality of Fennel’s benefits is more intriguing.

Fennel Oil is found in many perfumes because it combines sweet and peppery elements. It’s the perfect complement for scents like sandalwood, lavender, and rose. Fennel Oil’s scent properties are in most high-end perfumes sold at stores like Nordstrom.

In medicine, Fennel has many uses. Fennel is among the best cures for indigestion, hiccups, and bloating for people suffering from gastrointestinal distress. Cosmetically, Fennel offers solutions to many everyday problems. Fennel provides simple solutions instead of costly dermatological or make-up solutions, whether it’s bruising or balancing oily skin. Also, Longfellow was correct – Fennel improves eyesight.

Fennel has a wide variety of uses in cooking. The yellow Fennel flower is the most potent concentration of the flavor in the plant. However, the bulb, stalk, and feather-like leaves are equally helpful in cooking. Fennel is helpful as an alternative to onion in many dishes. Fennel is in many Italian salads; it’s also great for adding texture to braised beef dishes. One of the simplest and most effective uses of Fennel is roasting it with fish. Fennel plays beautifully off citrus has everything from cod to salmon, showcasing incredible flavor.

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