Juicy and sweet, pineapple’s vibrant flavor is at the heart of tropical blends and exotic island-like vibes. A trendy key ingredient in craft beers and ciders, pineapple’s acidic and slightly spicy zest adds a delightful flavor to any tropical cocktail or mocktail.

Pineapples were first cultivated in South America. Christopher Columbus and other explorers later discovered pineapples in the West Indies, where they were eaten and used to make wine. Now grown throughout the Southern Hemisphere, pineapples have a versatile flavor that suggests endless possibilities. Pineapple enhances the flavor profiles of fruit juices, ice creams and yogurts, and can add a sweet surprise to salsas, salads, condiments, candies, confections and salty snacks.

But pineapples are as healthy as they are satisfying. Low in calories and high in fiber, each pineapple contains more than 50% of the minimum daily requirement of vitamin C and 75% of the daily manganese requirement. Both are anti-inflammatory antioxidants that collectively boost immune function and strengthen bones. Pineapples also have high levels of bromelain, a mixture of proteolytic enzymes believed to improve digestion.

Artiste offers a variety of pineapple products from around the globe for use in culinary and beauty products. Each variety offers diverse product application possibilities… and  can add a little touch of paradise to your product. Interested in knowing more? Need to know, ask Joe!


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