You love bananas, but you don’t love having to peel, mash or chop them when they get overripe and mushy. Enter banana essence, a super-concentrated oil that offers kicked-up banana flavor, minus the mess.

One of the most popular fruits worldwide, bananas were first cultivated thousands of years ago and are enjoyed worldwide. Bananas are native to tropical Indomalaya and Australia, and are likely to have first been domesticated in Papua New Guinea. Their cultivation and popularity later spread westward, with the early European settlers cultivating bananas in the Caribbean.

Banana essence is extracted from bananas onto an alcohol base or synthesized using chemical compounds. One or more chemical compounds, usually esters, account for the essence’s taste and aroma.

The essence is an ingredient in banana extracts, powders, syrups and flavorings. These products are perfect for adding a pop of bright banana flavor to a range of foods – from baked goods, pancakes and French toast, to ice cream, jellies/jams, frostings, fillings, syrups and puddings, to marinades, cocktails and smoothies.

Also, banana essence has a role in the beauty industry. The delicate yet distinctive banana aroma adds a pleasing scent to makeup and skin and hand creams.

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