The world has embraced mint as one of its wonders. Ingredient masters find purpose and pleasure in developing new uses for the variety of mints grown globally. With its inherent freshness and aromatic gifts, mint is fast becoming the one ingredient used in more households and in more products than any other.

While more than 80% of mint oil is used in oral care, confections, and medicinal and personal care products, its culinary uses continue to grow as mixologists and chefs concoct mint-infused varietals that are not only cooling, tasty and fragrant but also soothing and relaxing. Mint oils are also on a fast track to dominate aroma-therapeutic product categories. Home products characterized as clean, fresh or natural are also a perfect fit for mint and all its attributes.

Mint’s health benefits continue to spur development of supplements and other products that enhance consumers’ overall well-being. From reducing inflammation to improving digestion, from quelling fever and headaches to stimulating memory, mint’s healing effects are legion.

Artiste provides the finest mint oils, including Peppermint Oil Williamette, Madras, Yakima, Idaho, as well as Native and Scotch Spearmint Oil varieties. All Artiste mint oils are pure and not reassembled from mint components, so they offer the natural mint qualities that set them apart from products made with adulterated mint oils. Interested in knowing more? Need to know, ask Joe!

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