A mandarin is sensory perfection. Its vivid color is pleasing to the eyes while its textured exterior delights the touch. Once you peel it, you sense an instant burst of citrus scent accompanied by a slight spray of juice. The whole experience culminates with a succulent and sweet taste.

“Mandarin orange” describes an entire group of fruits called Citrus reticulata, which includes varieties such as satsuma, clementine, pixie and tangerine. These citrusy gems originated in Southeast Asia but are now harvested throughout the world.

The mandarin plant thrives in full sunlight and nurtures a beautifully citrusy essential oil that is extracted from the peel and used in tasty flavorings for many foods, beverages and energy supplements. These extracts also add a sweet, citrusy scent to many cosmetics, soaps, bath oils and perfumes.

Mandarins are also big on health benefits. They’re rich in vitamin C to boost immunity and promote healthy skin and wound healing, high in fiber to improve digestion and overall health, and abundant in minerals to aid red blood cell production and iron absorption.

Artiste offers a premium Mandarin Oil for flavor and fragrance applications. Mild, bright and sweet, our Mandarin Oil is an ideal way to incorporate the incredible freshness of mandarin into the taste and aroma of everyday products. Interested in knowing more? Need to know, ask Joe!

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