2021 will change our world for the better.

2020 triggered desire for healthier, more sustainable products. 2021 will deliver on those needs.

Most would agree that 2020 was an unprecedented year for the world. Today, however, we want to take a moment to acknowledge and identify some of the positive impact we see for our industry that ultimately will offer great benefits to our lives.

We know that the post-COVID consumer will be forever changed, and those anticipated changes will drive the ingredient, flavor and fragrance industry forward in new and important ways.

Consumer attitudes, behaviors and priorities have shifted, so purpose and progress towards improved life choices will take a new path. Consumers will be more cautious about what they consider good for their bodies and for sustaining health. They will dig deeper and search wider to find healthier choices for themselves and their families. Their desire to buy from companies who support the concepts that are important to them will influence many of their decisions. Those concepts also will include foods that promote longevity, foods and beverages with healthier ingredients, foods with clean labels, and the elimination of any ingredients we do not need.

Consumers get it and developers can deliver it. Beyond that, we need the experience to match the level of need and interest. With 40 years of experience in this industry, I have no doubt that the ingredient, flavor and fragrance industry will rise above the obstacles 2020 presented and bring the world to a new, safe place through wonderful and substantive innovation.

We are seeing a rapid increase in sampling of natural, organic and wellness ingredients from around the world. It’s intriguing how exploration in applications has taken on new value and is giving our talented flavorists, perfumers, chemists, biochemists and R&D teams an opportunity to step beyond with new creations that will trigger the next generation of multi-dimensional, engaging, experiential, high-performing products.

At Artiste, we are ready to welcome 2021 to the threshold of positive change with the anticipation of a healthier year ahead.


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