Lime is the secret ingredient that balances flavors in an array of culinary delights, and is often the perfect complement to a refreshing cocktail.

From the Orchard - Lime

From the Orchard – Lime

With a fresh scent and wonderfully zingy taste, lime has become the go-to slice for flavoring waters, soft drinks, beers and desserts, and for adding balance to spicy snacks. It is an irresistible pairing for many culinary specialties, and is a frequent addition to a range of new natural beauty products.

Limes have many natural benefits. Packed with healthy vitamins and minerals, lime not only is good for your internal health, but is also great for your skin. The crisp scent is also used in a variety of beauty and cosmetic products. So, it’s safe to say there is no limit to using lime as an ingredient in many diverse product applications.

Artiste sources the highest quality lime flavors, extracts and essence oils from around the globe. Each variety is uniquely special in its taste and aroma.

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