Key Executives

Key Executives

Joe Raimondo

Artiste principal Joe Raimondo represents an impressive list of unique ingredients from around the globe. He has established relationships globally, working with partner companies who stand ready to make key resources available: labs, R&D departments, perfumers and flavorists working with him to meet his clients exacting expectations, always exceeding the most demanding regulatory requirements, and the growing needs for complete transparency. Joe brings deep experience and expertise to his work; constantly evolving and striving to deliver the best ingredients in the world, helping his clients create products that are iconic and extremely successful in their markets.

Tracy Hennig

Tracy is responsible for top-level client services, including, but not limited to, product documentation, traceability, sample submission, special client requests, regulatory needs and special global requirements. Additionally, Tracy manages all supplier relations, coordinating client deadlines and special needs with supplier ingredient specifications and availability. Tracy began her career in marketing with responsibility for promotion and sales. After several years she joined Artiste and quickly advanced to her current position as Director of Customer Service. Tracy has a degree in Visual Communications.